About Us

Watertown Community Church

Watertown Community Church is a Evangelical, non-denomination church. Each Sunday, we gather together to worship God and hear from His Word. In general, we preach through books of the Bible. Our hope is to help people understand what God’s Word means for their everyday lives as well as to help people know God better and how to read the Bible better. We also worship God by singing his praises together, some of our songs are grand old hymns, others are written by faithful men and women of the present day. After our service is over, many people stay and enjoy a time of fellowship together while relaxing over coffee and other refreshments. We come together to help one another, love one another and love God together.

We are a congregational church led by a group of elders. Congregational churches are the ultimately governed by the members of the church, while being led by a group of elders who guide the church spiritually and administratively. Our pastor is considered one of the elders. All the elders, including the pastor, work together in leading the church. The elders and the entire congregation strive for unity in all things. We believe that our unity is a visible display of our love for God and each other.

We are an evangelical congregation. The word ‘evangelical’ has come to mean many things. We mean that we believe the Bible is the Word of God. We do our best to live out our lives according to God’s teaching in the Bible and believe it is the ultimately authority on our faith.

We also do not belong to any particular denomination. We believe it is important for churches to work together. We work with many other local churches in various ministries and we rejoice at all efforts to spread the Gospel. We partner with missionaries from other churches to reach people locally, nationally and internationally. We participate as best as we can with other local area churches too. However, we believe we can best accomplish our mission outside the confines of any particular denomination.

Come & Visit Us!

If you are considering joining us for our Sunday worship service, we would love to have you come. We do not worry about what anyone wears to church, just come as you are. We’d love for you to stay after the service to meet some of our members and please feel free to ask questions you might have.